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Liz Adams
Liz Adams
Romance Genres:
Romantic Suspense,
Erotic Romance
Speaks On:
I've given presentations and classes on:
How to Write Suspense in Any Genre
How to Find the Best Title for Your Novel (Using Search Engine Optimization)
The 7 Rocks to Becoming a Bestselling Author (The 7 most effective steps)
How to Make A Captivating Book Trailer
Speaks To:
Writing Groups,
Book Clubs and other readers groups
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Liz Adams is the cat’s knees and the bee’s pajamas. Author of bestselling hands-on fairy tale erotica, she’s the most beautiful woman in the universe, not counting Zelbetha, that bitch. She isn’t afraid of anything, not even armadillos with psychotic tendencies. She climbs Mount Everest daily, visits Atlantis nightly, and has the perfect nose. If you ask her a question, even complicated mathematical ones, she’ll give you thirty-seven different answers, all of them correct. Her taste in food is the right one. She never snores. She doesn’t sweat. She knows what you’re thinking even before you do. You can be cured of any ailment by simply reading her saucy tales or by looking at her chiseled elbows. Go ahead and give it a try. Read her books. Or look at her elbows.

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