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LeAnne Bristow
LeAnne Bristow
Romance Genres:
Contemporary Romance,
Inspirational Romance
Speaks On:
Plotting, Writing around your day job, Juggling jobs, family and writing, Staying moitivated
Speaks To:
Writing Groups,
Book Clubs and other readers groups
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LeAnne Bristow began her love affair with books at an early age. She often hid books inside her desk and read during class. A teacher actually commented on a report card that "She would do much better in class if she would stop reading." When she outgrew Laura Ingalls Wilder and Beverly Cleary, she graduated to Walter Farley and Judy Blume.  Then her favorite aunt gave her an old box of Harlequin romance novels and she was hooked. After reading the entire Americana series by Janet Dailey, LeAnne dreamed of becoming a writer.

When she was 15, she spent hours pecking away on a ribbon style typewriter that she bought at a garage sale. It didn't take long for her to be swept away into her own little world where love conquered all. At eighteen years old, she fell in love with a GI who packed her up, stories and all, and moved her from her small town in central Texas to a smaller town in southern Arizona.

LeAnne spent the next 20 years corralling three of her own children and 20+ kindergarteners. When life got too hectic, she escaped into the world books provided for her. She caught herself creating stories about people she observed at the mall, in the grocery store, at the park. The characters in her head refused to give her any peace and she finally pulled out that box of old stories and began the long, arduous task of rewriting and editing.  Her writing implements have improved and her characters have matured, but she holds true to her belief that all roads lead to love...especially in the country.

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