RWA Vivian Stephens Industry Award

The RWA Vivian Stephens Industry Award is presented to one or more professionals in the romance-publishing industry, who is not a writer, who has contributed to the genre or to RWA in a significant and/or continuing manner.

Named for one of RWA's founders, the RWA Vivian Stephens Industry Award is for an accumulated body of work and may n
ot be presented every year if no candidate is clearly identified as meeting the level of excellence established by past recipients of the award.

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2015 RWA Vivian Stephens Industry Award Recipient

Mary-Theresa Hussey

Mary-Theresa Hussey
Mary-Theresa Hussey worked with Harlequin Books for over 25 years, editing nearly a thousand titles. As editor, senior and executive editor she read, acquired, revised, rejected and critiqued triple that. Now she’s bringing her experience to the freelance world with her company Good Stories, Well Told.









Past RWA Industry Award Recipients

  • 2014: Debra Dixon, BelleBooks, and Brenda Chin, ImaJin Books
  • 2013: Bette-Lee Fox, Library Journal
  • 2012: Barbara Vey, Publishers Weekly
  • 2011: award not given
  • 2010: Eileen Hutton, VP, Associate Publisher (retired), Brilliance Audio
  • 2009: Tracy Farrell, editor-at-large, Harlequin Enterprises
  • 2008: Sue Grimshaw, romance buyer, Borders Group
  • 2007: Linda Marrow, vice president/editorial director, Ballantine
  • 2006: Lucia Macro, executive editor, Avon Books
  • 2005: Leslie Wainger, executive editor, Harlequin Enterprises
  • 2004: Donna Hayes, publisher and CEO Harlequin Enterprises, and Isabel Swift, vice president of editorial, Harlequin Enterprises
  • 2003: Donna Seaman, Booklist
  • 2002: award not given
  • 2001: Carol Stacy, Romantic Times publisher
  • 2000: Jeff Bezos, president & CEO,
  • 1999: award not given
  • 1998: Daisy Maryles, executive editor, Publishers Weekly
  • 1997: Kay Murray, attorney, Authors Guild
  • 1996: Evan M. Fogelman, literary agent
  • 1995: Gerald Ratcliff, bookseller
  • 1994: Richard Curtis, literary agent
  • 1993: Jayne Ann Krentz, author
  • 1992: Marilyn Black, publisher, Meteor Kismet
  • 1991: Kate Duffy, executive editor, Meteor Kismet


Historical note: Waldenbooks was awarded special recognition for contributions to the romance genre in 1990, prior to the inception of the Industry award in 1991. The award was presented to the Waldenbooks romance expert committee comprised of Jennifer McCord, Frances Perrine and Mary Grigg. Prior to 2006, the Vivian Stephens Industry Award was known as the Industry Award. The award name was changed in order to honor one of RWA's founders, Vivian Stephens.