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Notice: RWA offers a free conference app and a free downloadable/printable PDF version of the program. Attendees may order a printed conference program for $3 during the registration process and a limited number of copies will be available onsite for $6.


Registration Rates


Registration Dates Member Non-Member
Early Registration February 7 – April 19 $490 $565
Regular Registration April 20 – June 21 $540 $615
Late Registration June 22 – July 29 $640 $715

Note: Any person participating in or attending any RWA conference event must be registered for the conference. Individuals who violate this provision shall be billed for the full late conference fee, plus a 50% penalty. Exceptions to this policy are: (1) RWA members may attend the Literacy Autographing as members of the general public, (2) The AGM shall be open to all members, and (3) RWA members not otherwise attending the conference may purchase a ticket to the Awards Ceremony if they are current-year RITA or Golden Heart finalists. (4) If space permits, current-year RITA or Golden Heart finalists may purchase one guest ticket to the Awards Ceremony for use by anyone, including an RWA member who is not registered for the conference.

Registrations are non-transferable.