What: Witchcraft for the Paranormal Author --presented by Deborah Blake

Have you ever wondered about the differences between historical witches and modern-day Wiccans?

Are you curious about familiars?

How do you create a witch character for fiction?

Deborah Blake can answer these questions and many more with her class about witchcraft and creating a character practicing the magical arts.

• You will learn how to create witch characters for different genres.

• You will learn how to create a witch with real strengths and weaknesses.

• You will learn the basics of Wicca and spell casting.

• You will learn some of the historical views on familiars.

• You will learn how to write scenes in which your character practices magic and how the character would create a spell.

You may not be allowed to turn an agent into a toad, but you are allowed to create a great character for your book!

Where: FF&P Forum/ Loops

When: June 3-14, 2013

Registration Costs:

This two week workshop will be conducted via a online forum/email loop. Email invitations will be sent 48 hours prior to the beginning of the workshop. Just register for the workshop and complete the payment process via PayPal. The cost is $15.00 for FFnP members and $20.00 for non-FFnP members. Payment is due at the time of registration. Refunds / credits are determined on a case by case basis. If a class should be canceled, then participants have a choice of a credit to be applied to a future workshop or a refund.

Speaker Information:

Deborah Blake is a Wiccan High Priestess who has been leading her current group, Blue Moon Circle, for many years. She is the author of six books on modern Witchcraft from Llewellyn Worldwide, including The Goddess is in the Details: Wisdom for the Everyday Witch, Everyday Witch A to Z Spellbook, Witchcraft on Shoestring and Everyday Witch Book of Rituals.. Deborah was a finalist in the Pagan Fiction Award Contest and her short story, “Dead and (Mostly) Gone” is included in The Pagan Anthology of Short Fiction. She is also the author of Witch Ever Way You Can, a paranormal romance featuring…of course…a witch. She is represented by agent Elaine Spencer of The Knight Agency.


When not writing, Deborah runs The Artisans’ Guild, a cooperative shop she founded with a friend. She lives in a 100+ year old farmhouse in rural upstate New York with five cats who supervise all her activities, both magickal and mundane.