RWA 2017 Strategic Plan



RWA is respected as the leading organization representing the romance genre, and the voice of romance writers, advocating for their interests on industry issues.  RWA shapes public perception of the genre and provides a complete and accurate source of genre statistics and trends.

Career Development

RWA acts as a catalyst for the professional development of romance writers across the entire career spectrum, providing programs, products and services targeted to member needs, from the aspiring romance writer to the experienced professional.

Information and Business Connections

RWA is the organization in which career-focused romance writers access the information, education, best practice and connections they need to succeed.  Publishers, agents, media, academia, readers and others come to RWA as the ultimate resource for industry information and opinion, as well as access to the professional community of romance writers.


RWA presents a clear, compelling and consistent brand to all audiences at both the national and local levels.  Through a variety of communication vehicles, RWA provides convenient access to its benefits and services, and continuous opportunities for RWA members to express their needs and perspectives.

National-Chapter Partnership

RWA and its chapters operate as partners in fulfilling the mission of the Association, addressing industry issues, and advancing the industry and the genre through promotion of consistent standards of professionalism.

Governance and Operations

RWA is an efficient organization, with the structure and the financial, staff and leadership capacity to fulfill its mission and serve the members at a high level of excellence.

RWA Operating Values

External Values

Romance writers have the right to reasonable remuneration and preservation of authorial and intellectual property rights.

Literacy is individually and culturally vital.

Storytelling is fundamental to human experience: romance fiction explores issues of universal and eternal human interest.

United, romance writers are a powerful community.

Internal Values

RWA belongs to its members.

RWA fosters an environment of creative and professional growth.

RWA thrives through the free exchange of ideas, knowldge, and diverse experience.

RWA 2017 Plan Priorities


2017 Priority:  Value to Members at All Career States

Objective 1:  Education and Information

Identify the needs and expectations of members in a changing career spectrum, and deliver timely, relevant educaton and information.

Objective 2: Networking and Community.

Develop an enhanced sense of 'community' among members, faciliatatingprofessional networking and mentoring across the career spectrum.

2017 Priority:  Brand and Membership Awareness

Objective 3: Develop programs to heighten awareness of RWA brand and membership opportunities

Develop programs to heighten awareness of RWA brand and promote membership.


2017 Priority:  Continue working on uniform governance and operations model

Objective 4: National-Chapter Relations

Continue to build a national-chapter relationship built upon a uniform governance model, mutual respect and a free flow of information.

Objective 5: Leadership Development/Governance

Identify, mentor, recruit and train RWA leaders with strategic intent to cultivate the leadership RWA needs to fulfill its mission.

2017 Priority:  Board Development

Identify, mentor, recruit and train RWA leaders with a strategic intent to cultivate the leadership RWA needs to fulfill its mission.



What data and analysis on the genre, industry, market, readership, etc. should RWA be collecting and assessing for members on a regular basis?  How can RWA more effectively stay abreast of new technologies?  What can RWA provide members with more convenient access to information, analysis and related resources to support member business decision-making and success?

RWA Position and Image

In an environment of increased competition, how can RWA compliment, not compete, with the growing membership of NINC?  How can the unique value of RWA be better promoted, including a more robust presence and relevance for RWA on social media?  How can RWA promote and position the RITA to build the credibility of the contest with industry and the public?

RWA Influence

How can RWA continue to foster open, honest exchange between writers and publishers so each can better understand each ogther's business needs and issues?  How can RWA be stronger and more influential regarding a satement of contrat erms not in the best interest of writers?

Definitions of Professional Standards

How can RWA better stress the importance of a quality product to the image and advancement of the genre?  RWA must better define and promote standards of professionalism for romance writers.