RWA Veritas Award

RWA's Veritas Award may be given annually for the article that appears in print or in another medium that best depicts the romance genre in a positive light. 

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2015 Veritas Award Recipient

Joyce Lamb

"6 Things We Love about EW's Spread on Romance Novels," Happy Ever After

Joyce Lamb
Joyce Lamb, curator of the Happy Ever After blog, is a head-over-heels lover of happy endings. She's also an award-winning romantic suspense author (latest book is Flash Heat).











Past Recipients of the Veritas Award

  • 2014: award not given
  • 2013: award not given
  • 2012: Denise Schipani, "7 Life Lessons from Romance Novels," Woman's Day
  • 2011: award not given
  • 2010: Gwenda Bond, for her article "Romancing the Recession" in Publishers Weekly
  • 2009: Ron Charles, for his article "Heating Up the Stacks" in the Washington Post
  • 2008: award not given
  • 2007: award not given
  • 2006: Mary Bly, for her article "A Fine Romance" published in the New York Times.
  • 2005: Don O'Briant, for his article "Romantic Encounters-Romance Diversifies, Expands" in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
  • 2004: award not given
  • 2003: Teri Sprackland, UPI wire correspondent, for her article "Romancing Readers Worth Billions"
  • 2002: Nora Schoenberg for her article "Romance in the Classroom"
  • 2001: Patricia McLinn, for her article in the Washington Post, "Go Ahead, Make Jokes. We'll Be Here with Our Fans."
  • 2000: John Charles, Shelley Mosley, and Ann Bouricius for their February 1999 article in the Voice of Youth Advocates (VOYA), "Romance the YA Reader."
  • 1999: award not given
  • 1998: Lucinda Dyer, for her article "Roundup on Romance: Birds Do It, Bees Do It" which appeared in the November 10, 1997, edition of Publishers Weekly
  • 1996: Betsy Carpenter, for her article "Living the Fantasy - Romance Writers Get Some Respect, Scholarly Interest and Tons of Readers" published in the November 6, 1995, edition of U.S. News & World Report
  • 1995: Shelley Mosley, John Charles, and Julie Havir for their article "The Librarian as Effete Snob: Why Romance?", which appeared in the May 1995 edition of Wilson Library Bulletin.