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Thank you for supporting RWA's mission and this community of romance writers. If you're interested in donating, check out the funds below, or contact [email protected] to discuss other options.

Perseverance Fund (Membership Dues Assistance)

Romance Writers of America administers the Perseverance Fund, which is primarily member-supported, to assist qualified applicants in financial need with their yearly national dues.  

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Kate Duffy Memorial Fund

The Kate Duffy Memorial Fund honors the memory of Kate Duffy, a longtime editor for Kensington Publishing, who passed away in September 2009. The fund will award a scholarship for the payment of conference registration fees for the RWA Conference.

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Education Fund

The RWA Education Fund is used to enhance RWA's educational resources.  



Own Voices Fund

This fund will enhance RWA’s Own Voices Program & DEIA initiatives including education and advocacy.



Cathie Linz Memorial Fund

RWA established a memorial fund to honor the memory of romance author and first RWA Library Liaison Cathie Linz, who passed away in March 2015. The fund will award at least four scholarships for the payment of registration fees for the Librarians Day portion of the RWA Conference.

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Member Testimonials

"The Perseverance Fund helped me to continue to participate in this organization and pursue the writing craft that I love so much. You underestimate how much you get from an organization, the encouragement, sharing and the community to be had at the national and chapter levels, until it's under threat of being gone from you due to lack of funds. With disability, with no author events, thanks Covid, I just could not afford to keep my membership and yet this was something I really enjoyed very much. Thank you so much for your help this time around. It meant I could continue to gain knowledge and take advantage of the numerous resources RWA has to offer and still feel apart of a larger group of awesome folks and my writing-life community. " - RWA Member

"In a year when I had lost more than I had thought possible, having this organization say 'We believe in you; stay with us, and keep going' made all the difference in the way I perceived my writing during the most difficult year of my life." - RWA Member