Membership Referral Program - FAQs

How often can someone refer a friend and get $10 off their dues?

Existing members can refer as many friends as they’d like, but they will receive a discount just once during the lifetime of the program. Any prospective referred by an existing member after the first referral will not receive $10 off.

How long will this program run?

RWA's membership renewal program will run through March 31, 2022.

How will RWA know who referred the prospective member?

The prospective member will enter the referring member's name in the application at A staff member will notate the discount in the existing members account so that it will be automatically applied at renewal time.

Does the discount apply to current year’s membership?

The membership discount will apply to the existing member’s next renewal, meaning the discount will be applied at the next paid through date. For the prospective member, the discount will apply right away, meaning for their initial membership fee.

Will the discount apply to any type of membership?

Yes! The opportunity is open to all prospective membership types, including:

  • General RWA membership - open to published and unpublished romance fiction writers who are interested in creating and maintaining a long-term career writing romance.
  • Associate membership - open to people writing romance but who haven't completed a novel/novella, people writing solely in genres other than romance, as well as publishing industry professionals, and bloggers.
  • Affiliate membership - Librarians and booksellers who support the romance genre. Learn about Affiliate membership.

Can any type of existing member participate in the membership drive?

Yes! Any existing member can and should consider participating!

Can a prospective member get the referral discount and another discount? For example, the Student discount?

No, the membership referral discount cannot be combined with other membership discounts. The prospective member can choose which discount to apply.

How can Chapters help with the membership referral program?

There are a couple of ways RWA Chapters can help!
  • Promote the referral program to your Chapter at events, during your meetings and on your website.
  • Consider running a membership drive this summer!