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Pen to Paper: Guide to Romance Writing is an immersive, ten-month craft program. The goal of the program is to equip new romance writers with the skills and knowledge they need to go from the first idea to the first draft of their novel. It features published author Guides who facilitate the writing journey through weekly writer’s circles and six one-on-one meetings with each writer. The ratio of one Guide for every three to four participants provides exceptional personal attention. The program features exclusive content, writing sprints, genre gatherings, and other opportunities to invest in yourself and your romance-writing career.

Nonmembers, we invite you to join RWA first, then register as a member at the lower rate once you receive an email that your membership is confirmed. RWA membership information may be found here. This is an opportunity to both save money and receive the benefits of being a RWA member. Note: If you want to take advantage of the Early Bird rate, please be aware that it takes one business day to process new memberships / reinstatements. Please take this time into account if you're joining/reinstating and registering for Pen to Paper: Guide to Romance Writing.

Early Reg Fee  Regular Reg Fee 
 RWA Members   $750  $900
 Non-members  $900  $1,050

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Refunds will be granted only within the first seven (7) days of the program, minus a cancellation fee of $100.

Refunds will be processed for registrants who provide documentation to prove they were unable to attend the Pen to Paper: Guide to Romance Writing program due to circumstances beyond their control, such as serious illness or death of the registrant or the registrant’s immediate family member.