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Industry News - September 2022

Posted on 9/1/2022
RWA's Policy Advisory Committee news and updates for September 2022.

Message from the President - August RWR

Posted on 8/31/2022
As the president of RWA, I want to extend a huge thank you to those who attended the RWA2022 conference. I understand that with all the conferences out there and with every penny counting, you put your trust in us to bring you value for your money.

Industry News - August 2022

Posted on 8/8/2022
RWA's Policy Advisory Committee news and updates for August 2022.

Message from the President - July RWR

Posted on 7/21/2022
Happy July! I can’t believe we are halfway through summer and packing for RWA nationals. This last weekend, I attended a large author signing event with close to 100 romance authors.

Industry News - July 2022

Posted on 7/18/2022
RWA's Policy Advisory Committee news and updates for July 2022.

Chapter Spotlight: Valley of the Sun Romance Writers

Posted on 6/28/2022
Arizona's first RWA chapter was founded in 1989, and at the height of membership, three chapters represented the Grand Canyon state. Over the course of the last few years, the changing landscape of the membership and industry have seen the merger of

Message from the President - June RWR

Posted on 6/27/2022
We’ve all been there: that moment when writing our stories begins to feel like work. Between the deadlines, promotions, website updates, etc., all of a sudden you look up and wonder where the joy went. I know that was one of my worries when I moved f

Industry News - June 2022

Posted on 6/17/2022
This week’s Publishers Weekly addresses the topic of body diversity in romance. While body diversity has improved in recent years, there is still some ground to cover.

Message from the President - May RWR

Posted on 6/2/2022
I hope this message finds you well. I have been noticing how people are starting to venture back out into the world lately and though we are still cautious it is a good thing to see.

Industry News - May 2022

Posted on 5/19/2022
Our biggest spotlight of the day is AAP’s annual meeting on Monday, May 9th. They reminded their audience of the organization’s current core values and the challenges facing the publishing industry.

Message from the President - April RWR

Posted on 4/29/2022
The experience of sitting at your keyboard desperately pounding out our latest story and having that moment when we think, does my story really matter?

Industry News - April 2022

Posted on 4/20/2022
The Policy Advisory Committee is launching a new monthly column, "News & Updates," rounding up news and articles of importance to writers.

Secrets to an Effective Newsletter

Posted on 1/1/2021
Whether it’s due to a push from a publicist or simply noticing that all the other authors have one, you’ve started a newsletter. But you’re not quite sure if you’re getting it right.

Where Are They Now? Catching Up with Recipients of the RWA Academic Research Grant

Posted on 8/1/2020
The RWA Academic Research Grant has extended monies to independent scholars for projects related to romance writing, reading, and cultural impact for the past fifteen years.

Yes, Freelance Creatives Can Have Financial Plans

Posted on 5/6/2020
The financial coach Dave Ramsey says, “There are more than fifteen million Americans who are self-employed, and many others who work on straight commission. That means these people deal with an irregular income on a regular basis.”