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The Author Energy Crisis

Posted on 1/14/2020
When I first got an electric car, it was a challenge to remember to plug the thing in. More than once, I’d get halfway through my business around town and suddenly hear...

Traveling to International Signings

Posted on 1/14/2020
International signings are an excursion growing in popularity. Due to the growing accessibility of books on e-reading devices internationally, authors are finding their fan bases growing in nations all over the world.

The Calendar Nerd’s Guide to Creative Marketing in 2020

Posted on 1/14/2020
Welcome to 2020! Prohibition celebrates its one hundredth anniversary this year, as does the Nineteenth Amendment, which gave (some) women the right to vote. Nylon stockings turn eighty this year and are no doubt a little saggy around the ankles...

Challenge Your Bias

Posted on 1/14/2020
I am a biased individual. So are you, so is your child, and even your dog or cat. If it hurts to read that, please don’t think of this as a personal attack. It’s because every single human, most animals, and some plants show bias.

The Writing Cure

Posted on 12/3/2019
A couple of years ago, I accidentally put myself on a writing cure. And it helped.