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Tools for Organizing Beta Reader Feedback

Posted on 5/15/2019
Onto this month’s subject: organizing beta reader feedback. I’ll look at three sites that allow reader feedback in one place. None of these programs/websites are perfect, but they’re quicker than examining each marked-up manuscript separately and int

Common Writing Mistakes: Character Derailment

Posted on 5/8/2019
We continue our look into the most common mistakes made by writers of all levels. This month’s mistake: info dumping

Writing HEAs for Characters with Disabilities

Posted on 5/6/2019
I did it again. I got sucked in to watching Me Before You, a book by Jojo Moyes turned movie. It is the beautiful, but tragic, love story about a man with a disability who, despite finding love, desires to end his life because he can’t possibly live

Back in the (Writing) Saddle Again

Posted on 5/6/2019
On a good day, writing a novel isn’t easy. On a bad day, it’s grueling. After a stretch of appalling weeks and horrible months or even execrable years, it can feel downright impossible.

Marketing Your Inclusive Romance Part 3

Posted on 5/6/2019
Marketing is something many authors struggle with, but writing romance featuring characters from marginalized groups comes with unique challenges. With the proper mindset, network, and preparation, authors of inclusive romances can achieve whatever l

A-Game Advice: Verbal Judo

Posted on 5/6/2019
Weird factoid: For a bunch of pointless reasons, I skipped kindergarten and first grade. I was young. I was weird. I was boisterous. And I read way, way, way too much.

Passion, Productivity, and Technology: Refueling Your Creative Well and Avoiding Burnout

Posted on 5/6/2019
Gather around and let me tell you a story: You are a writer with a looming deadline. You know you should write, but the thought of sitting in that chair and tapping away at your keyboard is giving you a fit of anxiety.

The Social Media Audit: Twitter Pitching for Acquisitions and More

Posted on 5/6/2019
Authors who win at Twitter use it for a lot more than connecting with readers. As a networking medium, Twitter is a powerful tool. It’s accessible globally. It’s 100 percent free. It’s as frictionless as they come. And the evolution of pitch events h

Conference & Event Scoop: 2019 Romance GenreCON

Posted on 5/6/2019
Something big is brewing in the Midwest! Kansas City’s Mid-Continent Public Library had such a successful first Romance GenreCON, they are making it an annual event. Plans include classes of interest to writers, Q & A panels, signings, and fun activi

Transition to Success: Finding Your ROI, Part 1

Posted on 5/6/2019
One of the terms we hear over and over again is return on investment (ROI). With budgets tighter all around and a million possible expenses for today’s romance author, we need to look at how much we’re spending, where, and what we’re getting out of i

Real Talk: What Firefighters Wish Authors Knew

Posted on 5/6/2019
The flames are licking at the sides of the house, the family is trapped inside, screaming for help, while the family dog barks and rushes around the brightly lit space. The firemen show up, start to put out the fire, and then an explosion happens or

Tech Updates

Posted on 4/17/2019
This month’s eNotes provides a few updates from the world of technology, from publishing tools to tech bargains to the RWA Conference, and, finally, a quick look at the newest smartphones.

Common Writing Mistakes: Info Dumping

Posted on 4/10/2019
We continue our look into the most common mistakes made by writers of all levels. This month’s mistake: info dumping

Reverting Rights from a Publisher

Posted on 4/5/2019
In the new world of book publishing opportunity, reverting rights to a previously published book is a key area to explore and pursue.

A-Game Advice: Optimum Eyes

Posted on 4/5/2019
In every sense, marketing and publicity are a game of strategy: intense competition, real rewards, and plenty of pitfalls for the innocent and unwary.