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RWA2022 Audio: All Recorded Sessions Bundle

All recorded sessions from the 2022 RWA Conference
Product Code: AUDIO22ARS
Price: $115.00

RWA2022 Audio: Author Life Audit

Speaker: Tracee L. Garner

No matter where you are in your author career, it's never too late to take an aerial view of All the things. Why not take so time to audit your author career! I know that sounds painful, but if it were to mean more efficiency, more clarity, maybe even more time saving, money saving and better earning strategies can be revealed, plus peace of mind? Sound good now? In this session, I'll quickly overview how to get your goals straight for your publishing caree
Product Code: AUDIO22ALA
Price: $10.00

RWA2022 Audio: Book to Screen

Speaker: Dete Meserve

As streaming services and networks demand stories to satisfy our viewing needs, they are relying more than ever on books to provide them. But what goes into the long process of turning a novel into a film or series? The Book to Screen workshop will illuminate a process that can seem mysterious, often glamorous (those Deadline or Variety announcements!), as well as lucrative for authors.

The workshop will be led by Dete Meserve, an award-winning pr
Product Code: AUDIO22BTS
Price: $10.00

RWA2022 Audio: Building a Better World

Speaker: Amanda Arista

Writers have total control over the worlds they create and the heroes they manipulate. In this lecture, Amanda will explore the keys to the relationship between these worlds and the steps to walk through when creating a world from scratch to challenge your hero, or how to find the write hero to make your world a better place. Like building a pyramid, a strong foundation is key to creating inherent conflict within your story. From continents to cultures, this w
Product Code: AUDIO22BBW
Price: $10.00

RWA2022 Audio: Creating Page-Turning Dialogue

Speaker: Susan Dansby

Meet-cute. Exposition. Love Scenes. Break-ups. Reunited. HEA. Repeat. When you’re writing for the same characters in the same town in love stories that go on for decades, is there anything new to say? Yes! Susan Dansby has spent over 20 years writing 64,000+ pages of dialogue for the soap inhabitants of Genoa City and Oakdale. In this upbeat, interactive workshop, she’ll share behind-the-scenes tips on how to keep your dialogue fresh and engaging, and your read
Product Code: AUDIO22CPTD
Price: $10.00

RWA2022 Audio: Creating that Fatal Flaw

Speaker: Laurie Schnebly

Writers like knowing ways to create plausible, likable characters who will naturally come into conflict with each other... and with themselves. Learn how to use the nine enneagram types, each with its own heroic traits and fatal flaws. (While it’s all about fictional characters, people often spot real-life uses for this information as well!)
Product Code: AUDIO22CTFF
Price: $10.00

RWA2022 Audio: Dark or Dangerous

Dark or Dangerous: The Art of Writing Dark Romance
Speaker: Eve Vaughn

This workshop tackles the rising trend of dark romance. Do you like alpha hole heroes and can't get enough of dark steamy plots? But when do dark romances cross the line or is it possible? If you want to write dark romance and leave the reader wanting more this is the workshop for you.
Product Code: AUDIO22DOD
Price: $10.00

RWA2022 Audio: Detective for a Day

Detective for a Day: Criminal Investigations/Homicide 101
Two Hours
Speakers: Tee O'Fallon and Patricia Gunning

Are you struggling to give your crime scenes that realistic edge? Here’s your chance to get inside a detective’s head. Join real life law enforcement officers for this interactive workshop as they guide you through an actual homicide investigation that you—the detective—solve. Review evidence. Interview witnesses and victims. Ask questions, get the answers, and
Product Code: AUDIO22DFAD
Price: $20.00

RWA2022 Audio: Digital Toolkit for Authors on a Budget

Speakers: T.B. Bond and Carly Brooks

Do you find that the business of writing is more expensive than anticipated? Don’t know where to start with budgeting? We understand! We have developed a toolkit for you! In our Digital Toolkit for Authors on a Budget workshop, you will learn about free and low-cost tools to market and organize for maximum results. Attendees will receive a digital resource kit.
Product Code: AUDIO22DTAB
Price: $10.00

RWA2022 Audio: Directing Readers' Emotions

Speaker: Alex Lidell

Facts do not direct readers’ emotions and opinions — your presentation of the facts, does. This is why romantic suspense heroes can get away with murder left and right while still being good guys. In this workshop, we will go over techniques to evoke specific emotions toward characters. Need to make sure your reader is rooting for Tristan? This workshop is for you!
Product Code: AUDIO22DRE
Price: $10.00

RWA2022 Audio: Improving Your Presence on Amazon

Speaker: Caridad Pineiro

Standing out in a crowded market is difficult, especially on Amazon with the volume of books available for sale. In this workshop, Caridad explains what you can do to improve your presence on Amazon by creating an author profile, more effective Amazon book page, and new Amazon A+ content.
Product Code: AUDIO22IYPOA
Price: $10.00

RWA2022 Audio: Indie Editor Panel

Speakers: Jen Graybeal, Casey Harris-Parks, and Jessica Snyder

Whether pursuing an indie publishing, hybrid options, or just planning to contribute to an anthology, finding the right indie editor to work is a game changer for authors. Join us for a discussion about the indie publishing business, advice for building your publishing team, and answers to all your questions.
Product Code: AUDIO22IEP
Price: $10.00

RWA2022 Audio: Intense & Tight

Intense & Tight: Pacing the Short Contemporary
Speaker: Jane Porter

The short contemporary novel isn’t a shorter version of the long contemporary novel. It’s a totally different beast altogether. Readers that love short contemp series, love it because it’s a roller coaster read—fast, intense, tight. The magic of the short contemporary is the pacing.
Product Code: AUDIO22ITP
Price: $10.00

RWA2022 Audio: Making a Plan and Sticking with It

Making a Plan and Sticking with It: Goal Setting and Accountability
Speaker: Jaycee Jarvis

Do deadlines sneak up on you? Or blow right past? Learn to set manageable goals, break down tasks and achieve your dreams, using simple online tools.
Product Code: AUDIO22MPSWI
Price: $10.00

RWA2022 Audio: Marketing without Social Media

Speaker: Jen Graybeal

I'm just going to say it... you don't need a social media presence to sell books. Consistently creating interesting, engaging content takes time and creativity--both are precious commodities for authors. Not to mention the challenge of finding followers. Let’s look beyond social media and ads to tap into other marketing options.
Product Code: AUDIO22MWSM
Price: $10.00

RWA2022 Audio: Mastering POV

Speaker: Caridad Pineiro

Point of view is often one of the hardest concepts to master and use effectively in your writing. In this intensive and hands-on Free Write, NY Times and USA Today bestseller Caridad Piñeiro will discuss the three primary types of point of view in fiction and non-fiction so that writers may select the best point of view and/or repair any point of view issues they may have in their work. Attendees will be asked to select a one-page scene in order to revise th
Product Code: AUDIO22MPOV
Price: $10.00

RWA2022 Audio: Math Is Money for Authors

Speaker: Elizabeth West

What if I told you that the language you use about your writing and your business could be translated into the the universal language: math? Learn how to use basic math principles, with a calculator, of course, to design business metrics and key performance indicators for your writing business. You don't have to guess if an ad is working or if books released in summer sell better than winter. After Math Is Money for Authors, you will be able to create math mo
Product Code: AUDIO22MIMA
Price: $10.00

RWA2022 Audio: Opening Session with Alex Lidell

Speaker: Alex Lidell

It is about the destination. What writing successes are you shooting for? Critical acclaim? Financial stability? The book of your heart out in the world? Many summits are worth climbing, but the waypoints en route differ greatly. Depending on where you are heading, you have different skills to master. Different risks to take. Different pitfalls to avoid. Join Alex Lidell as she discusses her travels and helps you map yours. Bring paper. Leave with a plan. Then p
Product Code: AUDIO22MYRS
Price: $10.00

RWA2022 Audio: Publishing 101

Publishing 101: What to Expect After You Sign
Speaker: Jenna Jaxon

A workshop for writers who have just gotten a contract or who are in the process of querying their works in hopes of receiving an offer. The workshop will help authors navigate the process of having their books traditionally published including when to say no to a contract, dos and don'ts of a contract, elements publishers control and how to negotiate them, and what publishers expect from authors.
Product Code: AUDIO22PUB
Price: $10.00

RWA2022 Audio: Putting the Com in Rom-Com

Putting the Com in Rom-Com: Exploring the Impact of Humor in Romance Novels from Jane Austen to Casey McQuiston
Speaker: Michael Buzzelli

The sock and the buskin. Melpomene and Thalia. The masks of Tragedy and Comedy. Whatever you call them -- every story is enhanced by the elements of tragedy and comedy. Jane Austen knew they were opposing sides of the same coin. She used irony, biting sarcasm, wit and buffoonery to give her characters and their world a sense of realism. She
Product Code: AUDIO22PCRC
Price: $10.00