RWA Code of Ethics

Member Code of Ethics

Updated 08/08/2020

The RWA Member Code of Ethics (“Code of Ethics”) serves as a code of professional conduct for RWA members. Its purpose is to encourage RWA members to exhibit integrity, honesty, and other sound industry practices, thereby elevating the professionalism of the RWA’s membership.

Industry Professional Code of Conduct

As Romance Writers of America is one of the largest genre writers associations in the world, publishers and agents who are included in RWA’s Qualifying Market for Publishers and Agent Updates and/or who are invited to present workshops to or take pitch sessions from RWA members are afforded significant credibility, because the members naturally expect such publishers and agents to conduct their businesses in a manner that can be described as honest, fair, transparent, and professional.

Antidiscrimination and Antiharassment Policy

Updated 08/08/2020

RWA is committed to providing all of its members with an environment free from discrimination and harassment. RWA does not discriminate against or allow harassment of any member based on race, ethnicity, religion, color, sex, age, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, gender identity or expression, ancestry, pregnancy, or any other basis prohibited by law. In order to create a safe and respectful environment, discrimination and harassment of any sort is prohibited in RWA.