Past Golden Heart Winners

Below is a comprehensive list of previous winners of the Golden Heart® award.

2019 Golden Heart Winners

Contemporary Romance: Never Have I Ever by Rosie Danan
Contemporary Romance: Short: Love on the Books by Betsy Gray
Historical Romance: Tempting the Heiress by Emily Sullivan
Mainstream Fiction with a Central Romance: Everything Comes Back to You by Melissa Wiesner
Paranormal Romance: Bless Your Heart and Other Southern Curses by Heather Leonard
Romance with Religious or Spiritual Elements: The Promise of Spring by Martha Hutchens
Romantic Suspense: The Hustler by Angie Hockman
Young Adult Romance: Dragged! by Susan Lee

2018 Golden Heart Winners

Contemporary Romance: Thrown by Arianna James
Contemporary Romance: Short: Cole for Christmas by Janet Raye Stevens
Historical Romance: The Duke of Charlotte Street by Scarlett Peckham
Mainstream Fiction with a Central Romance: Birds of a Feather by Anna Murray
Paranormal Romance: Jinn on the Rocks by Kay Hudson
Romantic Suspense: Extreme Fear by Pamela Varnado
Young Adult Romance: Mouthful by C. R. Grissom

2017 Golden Heart Winners

Contemporary Romance: No Man Left Behind by Penelope Leas
Contemporary Romance: Short: Job Opening: Billionaire's Wife by Susannah Erwin
Historical Romance: With Love in Sight by Christina Britton
Paranormal Romance: Constant Craving by Kari W. Cole
Romance with Religious or Spiritual Elements: Wings of Love by Pamela Ferguson
Romantic Suspense: Semper Fi by Meta Carroll
Young Adult Romance: Listen by Jennifer Camiccia

2016 Golden Heart Winners

Contemporary Romance: Shelter Me by Gabrielle Luthy
Historical Romance: The Earl and the Pussycat by Elizabeth King
Inspirational Romance: For the Love of Termites by Kimberly MacCarron
Paranormal Romance: Don't Call Me Cupcake by Tara Sheets
Romantic Suspense: In the Wrong Sights by Tracy Brody
Short Contemporary Romance: Rescuing Riley by Carrie Nichols
Young Adult Romance: The Beekeeper by Meg Kassel

2015 Golden Heart Winners

Contemporary Romance: Call Me Mrs. Whitlock by Kimberly Buckner
Erotic Romance: A Deal for Love by Michele Arris
Historical Romance: The Reunion by Sara Leyton
Paranormal Romance: Demons Don’t by Jeanne Oates Estridge
Romantic Suspense: A Shot Worth Taking by Tracy Brody
Short Contemporary Romance: Winning Her Over by Alexa Rowan
Young Adult Romance: When I Wake by Stephanie Winkelhake

2014 Golden Heart Winners

Contemporary Romance: Too Good to Be True by Suzanne Kaufman Kalb
Historical Romance: Charlene and the Duchess Factory by Lenora Bell
Inspirational Romance: My Lord Valet by Kristi Ann Hunter
Paranormal Romance: Beyond the Fire by Marni Folsom
Romantic Suspense: Chasing Damn by Denny S. Bryce
Short Contemporary Romance: Yesterday's Promise by Sarah Cannon
Young Adult Romance: The Thing with Feathers by McCall Hoyle

2013 Golden Heart Winners

Contemporary Series Romance: Baby on Board—Help! by Miranda Liasson
Contemporary Single Title Romance: Objection Overruled by Jane O'Hanlon
Historical Romance: Drawn to the Earl by Joanna Shupe
Paranormal Romance: Mind Sweeper by Amy Jones (w/a AE Jones)
Romantic Suspense: Broken Places by Krista Hall Reynolds
Young Adult Romance: Summer of Supernova by Darcy Woods

2012 Golden Heart Winners

Contemporary Series Romance: Cyrano at Your Service by Tamra Baumann
Contemporary Single Title Romance: No Peeking by Tamar Bihari (w/a Talia Quinn Daniels)
Historical Romance: The Devil May Care by Elisa Beatty
Inspirational Romance: Love's Advocate by Karen Fleming (w/a KD Fleming)
Novel with Strong Romantic Elements: Song without Words by Lisa Laing
Paranormal Romance: Never Deal with Dragons by Lorenda Christensen
Regency Historical Romance: The Perfect Heiress by Kimberly Ohara (w/a April Bennet)
Romantic Suspense: Edge of Deception by Elizabeth Bemis
Young Adult Romance: Wired by Romily Bernard

2011 Golden Heart Winners

Contemporary Series Romance: Lost and Found by Jo Anne Banker
Contemporary Series Romance: Suspense/Adventure: Stolen Lullaby by Robin Lynn Perini
Contemporary Single Title Romance: The Sinners by Lisa Connelly
Historical Romance: The Dark Lady by Maire Shelley
Inspirational Romance: At His Command by Ruth Kaufman
Novel with Strong Romantic Elements: Nearly Departed in Deadwood by Ann Charles
Paranormal Romance: The Blood Sworn King by Trisza Ray
Regency Historical Romance: The Proper Miss's Guide to Bad Behavior by Anne Barton
Romantic Suspense: Spy in the Mirror by Diana Van Dyke
Young Adult Romance: Irresistible by Suzanne Kaufman Kalb

2010 Golden Heart Winners

Contemporary Series Romance: Fake Fiance, Real Love by Cat Schield
Contemporary Series Romance: Suspense/Adventure: See Jane Run by Angela Platt
Contemporary Single Title Romance: Songbird by Liz Selvig
Historical Romance: Between Heaven and Hell by Jacqui Nelson
Inspirational Romance: Unforgiven by CJ Ernisse Chase
Novel with Strong Romantic Elements: A Place at the Table by Patricia O'Dea Rosen
Paranormal Romance: Bloodborn: Book One in the Light Blade Series by Kylie Griffin
Regency Historical Romance: A Most Improper Gentleman by Elise Beatty
Romantic Suspense: The Yard Man by Jill Stone
Young Adult Romance: Unchosen by Erica O'Rourke

2009 Golden Heart Winners

Contemporary Series Romance: Second Chance for a Family by Kim Law
Contemporary Series Romance: Suspense/Adventure: Romance or Retribution by Jamie Michele
Contemporary Single Title Romance: Easy Money by Vivi Andrews
Historical Romance: Butterfly Swords by Jeannie Lin
Inspirational Romance: Kitty's Fire by Kelly Ann Riley
Novel with Strong Romantic Elements: Death, Taxes, and a French Manicure by Diane O'Brien Kelly
Paranormal Romance: First Grave on the Right by Darynda Jones
Regency Historical Romance: An Inconvenient Marriage by Sara Ramsey
Romantic Suspense: Only Fear by Anne Marie Becker
Young Adult Romance: Stage Fright by Shoshana Dawn Brown

2008 Golden Heart Winners

Contemporary Series Romance: Under a Harvest Moon by Joleen Wieser
Contemporary Series Romance: Suspense/Adventure: The Midnight Effect by Pamela Fryer
Contemporary Single Title Romance: Money, Honey by by Susan Seyfarth
Historical Romance: Wanting Finian by by Kris Kennedy
Inspirational Romance: Running from Trouble by Kit Wilkinson
Novel with Strong Romantic Elements: The Devil You Know by Christa Selnick
Paranormal Romance: Soul Provider by Annette McCleave
Regency Historical Romance: Mistaken by Moonlight by Susan Gee Heino
Romantic Suspense: Sweet Deceit by Julie Stevens
Young Adult Romance: The Cinderella Society by Kay Cassidy

2007 Golden Heart Winners

Contemporary Single Title Romance: Romeo, Romeo by Robin Kawczynski
Inspirational Romance: The Heart Beckons by Carla Hughes
Long Contemporary Romance: All or Nothing by Beth Burgoon
Long Historical Romance: Sager's Passion by Elaine Levine
Novel With Strong Romantic Elements: According to Jane by Marilyn Weigel
Paranormal Romance: Black Jack by Jennifer Stark
Romantic Suspense: Falling into Darkness by Bronwyn Clarke
Short Contemporary Romance: Weekend Agreement by Barbara Tanner Wallace
Short Historical Romance: The Lost Jewel by Debra Bess
Young Adult Romance: Coven by Trish Milburn

2006 Golden Heart Winners

Contemporary Single Title Romance: Dangerous Choices by Donna Meier
Inspirational Romance: When Angels Fall by Lora Bale
Long Contemporary Romance: The Memory of You by Laurie Kellogg
Long Historical Romance: The Education of Mrs. Brimley by Donna MacMeans
Novel With Strong Romantic Elements: Snooping in Stilettos by Kathleen Beaver
Paranormal Romance: Blood Squad by Kelli Shewey
Romantic Suspense: The Watcher by Jo Robertson
Short Contemporary Romance: Sweet Surrender by Yvonne Harris
Short Historical Romance: Scandal's Daughter by Christine Diehm
Young Adult Romance: Do You Really Want to Haunt Me? by Heather Koenig

2005 Golden Heart Winners

Contemporary Single Title Romance: Hard Lies by S. Lorelle Marinello
Inspirational Romance: Autumn Rains by Myra Langley Johnson
Long Contemporary Romance: Finding Hope by Kimberly Fisk
Long Historical Romance: Ruined by Victoria Grondahl
Novel with Strong Romantic Elements: Viva Las Vegas by Robin Flury
Paranormal Romance: Sapphire Dreams by Pamela Poulsen
Regency Romance: Lady Wicked by Nadele Jacobs
Romantic Suspense: Dancing in the Dark by Holli S. Bertram
Short Contemporary Romance: Venus Rising by Karina Bliss
Short Historical Romance: Secrets of All Hearts by Christine Merrill
Traditional Romance: Snow White Wedding by Jenna Ness
Young Adult Romance: Almost Cool: Confessions of the Popular Girl's Best Friend by Julie Ann Linker

2004 Golden Heart Winners

Contemporary Single Title Romance: A Little Bit of Deja Vu by Laurie Kellogg
Inspirational Romance: Marrying Mariah by Pam R. Hillman
Long Contemporary Romance: Where He Belongs by Gail Ellen Barrett
Long Historical Romance: Once a Thief by Kimberly L. Snoke
Novel with Strong Romantic Elements: A Luminous Art by Debra Lew Harder
Paranormal Romance: To Kiss a Frog by Mary Ellen Jernigan
Regency Romance: Aphrodite's Brew by Nadele A. Jacobs
Romantic Suspense: Dangerous Kisses by Patricia Ann Milburn
Short Contemporary Romance: Cursed by Love by Jacqueline M. Floyd
Short Historical Romance: The Fox by Carla Jean Hughes

2003 Golden Heart Winners

Contemporary Single Title Romance: Midnight in the Princess Bed by Laron K. Glover
Inspirational Romance: A Place to Call Home by Merrillee A Whren
Long Contemporary Romance: Forever Ago by Anne DeStafano
Long Historical Romance: Unmasked by Diane Perkins
Paranormal Romance: The Blackstone Diaries by Sandy Blair
Romantic Suspense: Angel on the Run by Dianna Love Snell
Short Contemporary Romance: Maiden in De-Stress by Stephanie Davies Rowe
Short Historical Romance: His Majesty, Prince of Toads by Nadele Jacobs

2002 Golden Heart Winners

Contemporary Single Title Romance: This Is Where I Came In by Beth M. Lavin
Inspirational Romance: A Healing Love by Ramona G. Thompson
Long Contemporary Romance: From This Moment by Brenda Harlen
Long Historical Romance: Rules of Engagement by Kathryn Caskie
Paranormal Romance: A Rose from the Grave by Jenni Leigh Grizzle
Regency Romance: Cat of My Heart by Laurie Lance Bishop
Romantic Suspense: Forever and Always by Kathleen W. Hodges
Short Contemporary Romance: Pleasure for Pleasure by Jamie M. Sobrato
Short Historical Romance: The Warrior Trainer by Gerri Russell
Traditional Romance: The First Kiss by Nancy Robards Thompson

2001 Golden Heart Winners

Contemporary Single Title Romance: Babe in the Woods by Jacqueline Floyd
Long Contemporary Series Romance: Folly's Angel by Cynthia Dees
Long Historical Romance: Black Stone Keep by Gay Thornton
Paranormal Romance: Danegeld by Susan Squires
Regency Romance: The Matchmaking Earl by Shirley Karr
Romantic Suspense: Protective Custody by Beth Cornelison
Short Contemporary Series Romance: Hot for Teacher by Joanne Rock
Short Historical Romance: Wild Montana Sky by Debra Holland
Traditional Romance: Cooper's Folly by Mary Strand

2000 Golden Heart Winners

Contemporary Single Title Romance: Selena's Revenge by Abigail Lederman
Long Contemporary Series Romance: Night Dreams by Carolyn LaFever
Long Historical Romance: Shades of Honor by Wendy Lindstrom Bores
Paranormal Romance: Hagan's Pride by Linda Rooks
Romantic Suspense: In Deep Water by Barbara Cool Lee
Short Contemporary Series Romance: Skinny Dipping in the Vedigree River by Barbara Dunlop
Short Historical Romance: Circle of Honor by Carol Umberger
Traditional Romance: Cruising for Love by Tami Denise Cowdon

1999 Golden Heart Winners

Contemporary Single Title Romance: Hostage Hearts by Kathleen Holzapfel
Inspirational Romance: Follow Me by Stephanie Gillenberg
Long Contemporary Series Romance: A Piece of Heaven by Ann Schuessler
Long Historical Romance: Tarleton's Wife by Grace Ann Kone
Paranormal Romance: Sixpence Bride by Virginia Farmer
Regency Romance: A Compromising Situation by Shannon Donnelly
Romantic Suspense: Keeper of Midnight by Linda Castillo
Short Contemporary Series Romance: After the Kiss by Barbara Dunlop
Short Historical Romance: Chasing Jessie by Caroline Fyffe
Traditional Romance: A Daddy for Jessie by Belinda Bass

1998 Golden Heart Winners

Contemporary Single Title Romance: Millennium Man by Dorien Kelly
Inspirational Romance: Kickin' and Screamin' by Sunni Jeffers
Long Contemporary Series Romance: All Around Cowboy by Jane Porter Gaskins
Long Historical Romance: Star-Crossed by Tracy L. Cozzens
Paranormal Romance: Remember Me by Gerri Russell
Romantic Suspense: To Protect and Serve by Virginia Kantra Ritchey
Short Contemporary Series Romance: Jewel of My Heart by Nina Bruhns
Short Historical Romance: Virgin Spring by Debra Lee Brown
Traditional Romance: Rainman's Bride by Janet W. Butler

1997 Golden Heart Winners

Contemporary Single Title Romance: Skin Game by Michele Marie Albert
Long Contemporary Series Romance: Hawk's Child by Vivyan Helen Connolly
Long Historical Romance: The Path of the Wind by Deborah MacDonald Hale
Paranormal Romance: Dared to Dream by Tami H. Hilz
Romantic Suspense: Dangerous Curves by Kristina Wright
Short Contemporary Series Romance: Stop in the Name of Love by Nina Bruhns
Short Historical Romance: Forever in Your Arms by Kristen Mechelle Smith
Traditional Romance: A Father's Love by Pam Menz Baker

1996 Golden Heart Winners

Contemporary Single Title Romance: Sacrifice by Angel Smits
Inspirational Romance: Love Restored by Kate M. Welsh
Long Contemporary Series Romance: Second Chances by Pamela S. Baustian
Long Historical Romance: White Roses by Janet Lee Nickoles
Paranormal Romance: Night Hawk by Christine K. Benson
Regency Romance: Pressing Obligations by Janet R. Justiss
Romantic Suspense: It's Murder Out There by Maggie A. Price
Short Contemporary Series Romance: Wooing Wanda by Gwendolyn Louise Pemberton
Short Historical Romance: The Devil of Draloch by Myra Platt
Traditional Romance: A Cowboy Wedding by Bobbie C. Gosnell
Young Adult Romance: Willow King by Chris Sue Platt

1995 Golden Heart Winners

Contemporary Single Title Romance: Sharon C. Mignerey
Inspirational Romance: Vince Brach
Long Contemporary Series Romance: Roxanne N. Rustand
Long Historical Romance: Linda S. Needham
Paranormal Romance: Linda G. Harmon
Regency Romance: Annemarie Michele Hasnain
Romantic Suspense: Kathleen S. Nance
Short Contemporary Series Romance: Robin Rouse Wells
Short Historical Romance: Kit Dee
Traditional Romance: Leanna Wilson Ellis
Young Adult Romance: Rita Bales Herron

1994 Golden Heart Winners

Contemporary Single Title Romance: Rachel Dawn Gibson
Historical Romance: Stephanie Diane Maynard
Historical Series Romance: Kayla Lynn Westra
Long Contemporary Series Romance: Amelia A. Autin
Paranormal Romance: Janice M. Tarantino
Regency Romance: Jennifer Zorger
Romantic Suspense: Lori L. Harris
Short Contemporary Series Romance: Patricia Burford Ryan
Traditional Romance: Betty J. Monthei
Young Adult Romance: Melinda Rucker Haynes

1993 Golden Heart Winners

Contemporary Single Title Romance: Tina Ritter Wainscott
Historical Romance: Donna L. Royer
Historical Series Romance: Kate M. Welsh
Long Contemporary Series Romance: Gay Ann Thornton
Paranormal Romance: Laura Beard Hayden
Regency Romance: June Lea Calvin
Romantic Suspense: Laurie S. Creasy
Short Contemporary Series Romance: Metsy Gravois Hingle
Traditional Romance: Linda Crippes
Young Adult Romance: Vikk Simmons

1992 Golden Heart Winners

Contemporary Single Title Romance: Micqui Miller
Historical Romance: Kathleen J. Gerberick
Historical Series Romance: Susan Kay Law
Long Contemporary Series Romance: Karen Muir
Paranormal Romance: Catherine W. Kohman
Regency Romance: Angela Ray
Romantic Suspense: G. Laurie Gilbert
Short Contemporary Series Romance: Carol Rusley
Traditional Romance: Jodi O'Donnell
Young Adult Romance: Barbara Ann Scott

1991 Golden Heart Winners

Contemporary Single Title Romance: Crystal Stovall
Historical Romance: Susan Sizemore
Historical Series Romance: Michele Wyan
Long Contemporary Series Romance: Kate Freiman
Regency Romance: Barbara A. Yirka
Romantic Suspense: Ilona Boyce
Short Contemporary Series Romance: Deborah Vargas
Traditional Romance: Sandra Novy Chvostal
Young Adult Romance: Donna Jean Tennis

1990 Golden Heart Winners

Contemporary Single Title Romance: Ann E. Linderman
Historical Romance: Christina Dodd
Historical Series Romance: Kristin J. Hannah
Long Contemporary Series Romance: Gloria Alvarez
Regency Romance: Thomasina Robinson
Romantic Suspense: Julia S. Brinegar
Short Contemporary Series Romance: Donna D. Fejes
Traditional Romance: Jackie Radoumis
Young Adult Romance: Janie Locke Begeman

1989 Golden Heart Winners

Contemporary Single Title Romance: Barbara J. Parker
Historical Romance: Anita C. Gordon
Long Contemporary Series Romance: Brenda G. Hamilton
Romantic Suspense: Ann Saxton Reh
Short Contemporary Series Romance: Ann Bair
Traditional Romance: Kathleen A. Beck
Young Adult Romance: Heather W. MacAllister

1988 Golden Heart Winners

Contemporary Single Title Romance: Dana Lynn Hites
Historical Romance: Patricia Gaffney
Long Contemporary Series Romance: Laurie A. Sunshine
Regency Romance: Katherine A. Moore
Short Contemporary Series Romance: Sheila A. Slattery
Traditional Romance: Pat Tracy

1987 Golden Heart Winners

Contemporary Single Title Romance: Terese Daly Ramin
Historical Romance: Nadine Crenshaw
Long Contemporary Series Romance: Sally J. Siddon
Regency Romance: Joan E. Overfield
Short Contemporary Series Romance: Judith Ann Myers
Young Adult Romance: Leila E. Davis

1986 Golden Heart Winners

Contemporary Single Title Romance: Frances E. Hanson
Historical Romance: Jill Marie Landis
Inspirational Romance: Christine Haygood Deane
Long Contemporary Series Romance: Linda Jenkins Nutting
Regency Romance: Martha J. Power
Short Contemporary Series Romance: Susan Andrews
Traditional Romance: Janece O. Hudson
Young Adult Romance: Sheila A. Slattery

1985 Golden Heart Winners

Contemporary Single Title Romance: Lynette Vuong
Historical Romance: Linda L. Bartell
Inspirational Romance: T. Lauraine Snelling
Long Contemporary Series Romance: Elaine K. Stirling
Regency Romance: Maggie Farrell
Short Contemporary Series Romance: Ann K. Stokes
Traditional Romance: Susan E. Fox
Young Adult Romance: Paula B. Gorgas

1984 Golden Heart Winners

Contemporary Romance 80,000 Words and Up: Susan E. Fox
Contemporary Romance 65,000 - 80,000 Words: Barbara Dawson Smith
Contemporary Romance Under 65,000 Words: Christine DeSmet
Historical Romance: Maureen E. Kurr
Historical Series Romance: Mary E. Butler
Traditional Romance: Lisbeth L. Chance
Young Adult Romance: Janice Boles

1983 Golden Heart Winners

Contemporary Series Romance: Melanie Catley
Contemporary Single Title Romance: Kathleen Eagle
Historical Romance: Betina Lindsey
Historical Romance Series: Barbara L. Jones
Historical Romance Series: Vivian N. Doering
Young Adult Romance: Patricia Pinianski

1982 Golden Heart Winners

First Place: Bittersweet by Martha Starr

1981 Golden Heart Winners

First Place: Race the Wind by Barbara Cameron Smith