Why Join PRO?

The purpose of the PRO Community of Practice is to establish within RWA a network of communication and support to effectively promote and protect the interests of romance writers in the areas between manuscript completion and PAN eligibility.

PRO focuses on the business side of writing rather than craft. To be eligible to join the PRO community, RWA members must submit an application and a digital copy of the qualifying work(s) to the RWA Office.

PRO Members can also access the PRO Forum here:

Who Qualifies for PRO?

This program is available to any active General or Honorary member who: (1) is not PAN-eligible and (2) has one complete original work of romance fiction of at least 20,000 words, or multiple complete original works of romance fiction which combine for a total of at least 20,000 words.

To apply, complete the online application and upload a digital copy of the qualifying work. Active RWA members retain PRO status until PAN-eligibility is met.

Email [email protected] with questions.

Apply for PRO