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RWA2023 Digital Audio Products

RWA2023 Audio: All Recorded Sessions Bundle

All recorded sessions from the 2023 RWA Conference
Product Code: AUDIO23ARS
Price: $125.00

RWA2023 Audio: Alter Ego Author

Presenter: Elle Beauregard

Established indie-author, mom, and recovering corporate cog, Elle Beauregard shares the methods she has used throughout her fifteen-year career to keep all the gears turning in her many life roles. Attendees will leave the workshop with a veritable dashboard of buttons to push (tricks to employ) and levers to pull (strategies to implement) as they build a no-shame life of their dreams.
Product Code: AUDIO23AEA
Price: $10.00

RWA2023 Audio: Bookstagrammers and Influencers

Presenter: Penny C. Sansevieri.

If you’ve ever wondered how to get to bookstagrammers and bigger influencers, this class is for you! If you’re ready to promote a new release or revive an already published title, a pitch to online influencers and bookstagrammers could be a major building block to your success. But where do you start?

This class will break down the various types of “influencers” from bloggers, to bookstagrammers and online media. We’ll dig into how to fin
Product Code: AUDIO23BI
Price: $10.00

RWA2023 Audio: Brainstorming Party

Presenter: Maggie K. Black.

Get out of a plot rut and get ready to brainstorm! From finding new spins on old tropes, to playing with “the promise of the premise,” this practical and interactive workshop will look at tips and tricks for sparking fun, new plot ideas. Authors of all genres are welcome! Whether you’ve written one book or one hundred, authors of any genre will come away with some fun new ideas for developing your next story. Bring your stumbling blocks and let’s plot to
Product Code: AUDIO23BP
Price: $10.00

RWA2023 Audio: Clarify the Vision of Your Novel

Speaker: Julia Amante

Learn techniques on how to write a focused story by figuring out the significant story question. Clarifying the vision of your book will help you write a compelling story readers will be drawn to and that you will later be able to easily market.
Product Code: AUDIO23CTV
Price: $10.00

RWA2023 Audio: Deep Dive into Developmental Editing

Speaker: Sue Toth

As an author, you’ve probably heard that several of your writing colleagues use a developmental editor for their romance novels. But what exactly is a developmental editor? Do you need one? Why?

We’ll examine what a developmental editor looks at, including: story arc, plot holes, tropes, characters, setting, and inconsistencies. We’ll also talk about: Who would be the best developmental editor for your job? How do you find a developmental editor? What
Product Code: AUDIO23DDE
Price: $10.00

RWA2023 Audio: Discovering Seasoned Romance

Speaker: Brooke Wills

Whether you call it seasoned, later in life or mature romance, this new category of romantic stories is here to stay. And there’s more to writing one than just upping the ages of your characters.

In this one hour workshop, we’ll talk about exactly what is the seasoned romance category with emphasis on characterization including those all-important supporting roles. There will also be tips on how to market your story whether you plan on indie or tra
Product Code: AUDIO23DSR
Price: $10.00

RWA2023 Audio: Double Learning for Authors

Double Learning for Authors and Other Content Creators: (1) Trademarks and (2) Business Organization (1.5 hours)

Speaker: Jon R. Tandler

RWA attendees will learn the basics of U.S. trademark law as it relates to publishing and branding, including categories of marks; use of trademarks in literary works; publishing brands; likelihood of confusion/infringement; benefits of Federal registration; and words/phrases not eligible for registration. The second part of our progr
Product Code: AUDIO23DLFA
Price: $15.00

RWA2023 Audio: Empowering the Inner You

Speaker: Haley Lugo-Pichardo

In this interactive workshop, you will learn how to identify your true worth by completing a series of activities, starting with a ground-shaking activity called the mirror effect. The mirror effect teaches us to empower ourselves by looking in the mirror and stating positive affirmations to ourselves. You will learn exactly what affirmations are and how to create personalized affirmations just for you. I know what you are thinking. How can looking in th
Product Code: AUDIO23EIY
Price: $10.00

RWA2023 Audio: Hook, Line, & Sinker

Hook, Line, & Sinker: Crafting the Perfect Opener

Speaker: Danica Winters

In this fun and informative hands-on course, we will break down what it takes to create a strong hook for both agents, editors and readers. We encourage participants to bring (or have access to) their current WIP so we can focus on what is working, what needs a tweak, and what will make a work standout in the market.
Product Code: AUDIO23HLS
Price: $10.00

RWA2023 Audio: How Many No's Before I Got a Yes

(1.5 Hours)

Speakers: Peggy Jaeger, Thien-Kim Lam, Mia P. Manansala, & Naima Simone

In this lively and inspiring session, best-selling authors talk about persevering through rejection to publication.
Product Code: AUDIO23HMNY
Price: $10.00

RWA2023 Audio: How to Use Tarot

How to Use Tarot for Story, Scenes, Characters, and More

Speaker: Paula Chaffee Scardamalia

Well-known writers, like Nora Roberts and Stephen King, use the tarot for and in their work, and it is gaining popularity as a creative tool. The tarot is a visual, symbolic and metaphorical tool that offers a unique and fun way to approach character development, setting, conflict, and plot. In this workshop, participants learn to use the tarot for: (1) blasting through frustrat
Product Code: AUDIO23HTUT
Price: $10.00

RWA2023 Audio: Legal Basics for Authors

Speaker: Alicia Dearn

As an author, on top of the skills necessary to write, pitch, and publish your book, you need business skills. This workshop will provide you with some fundamentals on setting up your author business. It will give you tools to navigate common issues like business tax and accounting, contracts and hiring help, intellectual property (copyrights, trademarks, licensing, and royalties), website and consumer protection laws, and how to deal with Amazon. Included is a
Product Code: AUDIO23LBA
Price: $10.00

RWA2023 Audio: Market Your Book without Social Media

Speaker: Penny C. Sansevieri

If you’ve been wondering how to market your book without social media, this class is for you.

There’s a new trend brewing – authors quitting social media in favor of more creative ways to market their books and spending more time writing new books. But can you really quit social media? You bet. You just must get creative in other ways and this class will show you how.
Product Code: AUDIO23MYBSM
Price: $10.00

RWA2023 Audio: Movie Magic

Movie Magic: Using Movies to Plot Novellas and Short Stories

Speaker: Debby Lee

Learn skills to write short pieces of fiction by looking at key plot points in three classic movies from different genres and how to utilize them to write a compelling short story and novella.
Product Code: AUDIO23MM
Price: $10.00

RWA2023 Audio: Pitch Perfect

Speaker: Clarissa Kae

Join the Pitch Perfect game show. We’ll outline a Perfect Pitch (a link will be displayed for class members to submit their pitch anonymously).

In my best Bob Barker voice, I’ll read submitted pitches and give real-time feedback on what did and didn’t work. I’ll be tossing out prizes for participation. Each author will leave with confidence in both their pitch and themselves.

Product Code: AUDIO23PP
Price: $10.00

RWA2023 Audio: Return of the Rom-Com

Return of the Rom-Com: Adding Humor to Your Romance Novel

Speaker: Michael Buzzelli

Return of the Rom-Com: Adding Humor to your Romance Novel is for beginner, intermediate or advanced writers. The seminar is structured to hone the writer’s humor writing abilities.

Key focus areas are joke, plot, character and dialogue.
Product Code: AUDIO23RRC
Price: $10.00

RWA2023 Audio: Romance without the Sex

Romance Without the Sex: A Workshop of Swoon-Worthy Scenes

Speaker: Jaye Viner

The movies have simplified romance down to an 'all roads lead to the bedroom' formulae. But in real life most relationships do not revolve around sex and some don't involve sex at all. This workshop gives participants the chance to share their most intimate, swooniest, spiciest, not-spicy scenes for review and critique. We'll talk about plot structures that diverge from the 'all roads lead to
Product Code: AUDIO23RWS
Price: $10.00

RWA2023 Audio: Seven Drafts to a Completed Novel

Speaker: Kristin Owens

This lecture is geared for beginner and intermediate writers stuck in Revision Land. You’re not alone; novel edits are overwhelming. Misspellings, over-used terminology, verb tense, dialogue tags—not to mention fundamental issues like strengthening scenes, plot holes, character arcs, and engaging descriptions—it’s a lot to tackle. If you’re stuck on what, when, and how, this class is for you. At the end of seven structured editorial passes, you’ll have a polis
Product Code: AUDIO23SDCN
Price: $10.00

RWA2023 Audio: Slow, Steady or Rapid Release

Slow, Steady or Rapid-Release: Which Career Path Works for You?

Speaker: Debra Holland, Linda O. Johnston, Leslie Knowles, and Saharra Sandhu

A panel made up of traditional, indie, and hybrid authors who will discuss the pros and cons of their different release schedules and how those schedules impact reader recognition, sales, and the industry’s perception of professionalism.
Product Code: AUDIO23SSRR
Price: $10.00

RWA2023 Audio: Strategic Thinking for Authors

Speaker: Jen Graybeal

Success means different things to different people, but if you don't know what it means to you then you can never get there. This workshop is for published authors that want to apply strategic thinking to every aspect of their business. We talk about what it means, how to use it to your advantage, and the three-letter word that should be part of every strategic discussion.
Product Code: AUDIO23STFA
Price: $10.00

RWA2023 Audio: The Flaw Arc

Speaker: Katie McCoach

You can craft an entire story arc based on your character's flaw or their "flawed view." If you struggle with plotting or using classic guides like the 3-Act Structure, this might be the unlock you've needed. Stories are about the character's(s') journey, but how do you craft the most compelling, emotionally satisfying character journey for the readers to follow? How do you make sure the love interests have a HEA at the end that is truly powerful?

Product Code: AUDIO23FA
Price: $10.00

RWA2023 Audio: The Meet Cute

The "Meet-Cute": What Is It and How Do I Achieve It?

Speaker: Candie Moonshower

Friends or enemies, your main characters have to meet—or meet again. Do you need ideas on how to get your love interests together in swoon-worthy ways? In this workshop, we will discuss the “meet-cute,” what it looks like in books and movies, and how to write our own meet-cute ideas. Bring three to five copies of your own meet-cute scene from your current work-in-progress for small-group wo
Product Code: AUDIO23MC
Price: $10.00

RWA2023 Audio: Three Steps to Fantastic World Building

Speaker: Katie Graykowski

When you think of world building, you probably think of Star Wars or the wonderful wizarding world of Harry Potter. Yes, those are fine examples of world building, but creating the world where any story takes place is the backbone of storytelling.

While your story may not take place on another planet or another plane of existence, you still have to set the stage. Setting touches every single part of your story. When done correctly, your setting
Product Code: AUDIO23TSFWB
Price: $10.00

RWA2023 Audio: Tropes, Hooks, Archetypes & Reader

Tropes, Hooks, Archetypes & Reader Satisfaction

Speakers: Megan Crane and Jane Porter

Readers have strong opinions about their favorite romances, and buy either by the author's name or by a story's tropes, hooks and archetypes. Learn how to appeal to more readers by layering in tropes and hooks and delivering on the all-important reader satisfaction.
Product Code: AUDIO23THARS
Price: $10.00

RWA2023 Audio: Using Meditation to Solve Story Problems

Speaker: Christine Ashworth

After some discussion, and an explanation of what will happen, Christine will walk you through a meditation to relax your mind and body. She will then take you into a meditative space where you will either interview your problem character, or sit your two characters down to have a discussion - while you eavesdrop. There will be time afterward to write down the revelations you experience. This technique worked to great success at the 2021 RWA Writer's Retr
Product Code: AUDIO23UMSSP
Price: $10.00

RWA2023 Audio: Writing Tip Bingo

Speaker: Emily Evans

“You had me at bingo.” Writers! Join Emily Evans for a free game of “cover all” bingo. Play or just come for the writing tips. Grab your bingo card on the way in. Mark the “tips” as they are called. The first player to mark every tip on their card wins a prize. Plus, there’s a unique number on the back of your card. Emily will use those numbers for random drawings. See you there!
Product Code: AUDIO23WTB
Price: $5.00