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RWA2019 Audio: A Lesbians Guide to Straight Sex

(This is a 15-20 minute session that is a part of the 20/20 track of workshops.)

Speaker(s): Karelia Stetz-Waters

Learn about the “pleasure gap” and how combating this phenomenon in romance can lead to hotter sex scenes and offer an opportunity to educate readers about women’s bodies. Discover sexual techniques you may not be incorporating into your romance novels (and probably should!). You’ll leave with a list of resources to explore at home. It will also include reco
Product Code: AUDIO192020LGSS
Price: $3.00

RWA2019 Audio: A Strategy for All Seasons

Speaker(s): Maria Connor, Callie Hutton

Feel more in control and less overwhelmed with tips from Maria Connor, the founder of My Author Concierge, and USA Today best-selling author Callie Hutton on how to optimize marketing resources and how to create a comprehensive twelve-month marketing plan that can be personalized for each author’s needs.
Product Code: AUDIO19SAS
Price: $4.00

RWA2019 Audio: A Year of Marketing without Writing Much

Speaker(s): Jackie Lau, Zoe York

Authors Jackie Lau and Zoe York teach participants how to assess their back catalog, identify what basic marketing options work for backlist titles, and draft a plan for the next year that gives them one actionable marketing job for each calendar month to create stability and growth.
Product Code: AUDIO19YMWO
Price: $4.00

RWA2019 Audio: Additional Income Streams

Speaker(s): Jayne Rylon

Learn how to make the most of your income streams from author Jayne Rylon, a New York Times and USA Today best-seller with more than 1.5 million books sold. She will teach participants how to increase their revenue streams, diversify income to protect against downturns in specific areas of the market, make more money from work they’ve already invested time and effort in, and leverage various skills inherent to authors to build a successful, well-rounded caree
Product Code: AUDIO19AIS
Price: $6.00

RWA2019 Audio: Ask Me Anything Featuring Brenda Jackson

Ask Me Anything Featuring Brenda Jackson
Product Code: AUDIO19AMABJ
Price: $4.00

RWA2019 Audio: Ask Me Anything Featuring J.R. Ward

Speaker(s): J.R. Ward
Product Code: AUDIO19AMAJRW
Price: $4.00

RWA2019 Audio: Ask Me Anything Featuring Madeline Hunter

Speaker(s): Madeline Hunter
Product Code: AUDIO19AMAMH
Price: $4.00

RWA2019 Audio: Back to Basics: Show Dont Tell

(This is a 15-20 minute session that is a part of the 20/20 track of workshops.)

Speaker(s): Susan C Muller

What’s the difference between showing and telling? Learn the difference between active and passive voice and when to use—or not use—each.
Product Code: AUDIO192020BB
Price: $3.00

RWA2019 Audio: Better Faster Stronger First Drafts

Speaker(s): Kate McMurray

Write a great first draft in less time than you think! Thinking about story before sitting down to write can help you craft a better first draft. We’ll also discuss tips and tricks for writing that draft in less time.
Product Code: AUDIO19BFSFD
Price: $4.00

RWA2019 Audio: Beyond He Said She Said

Speaker(s): J. Kenner

Join New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and Publishers Weekly best-selling author J. Kenner for this fun, informative, and in-depth master class workshop on dialogue. This workshop digs deep into the analysis and manipulation of the multiple roles played by dialogue in a story. In addition, we’ll discuss the types of dialogue (hint, it’s not just what’s between the quotation marks!) and also get into the nitty-gritty ways of best conveying dialogue
Product Code: AUDIO19BHS
Price: $4.00

RWA2019 Audio: Build Your Readership with Libraries

Speaker(s): Dena Heilik, Lateefah Zawistowski

Dena Heilik, the head of the Fiction Department at the Central Branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia, and Lateefah Zawistowski, an account manager in publisher account services at OverDrive, teach about various lending models, share how to make content available on OverDrive, explain how to increase OverDrive sales and leverage the platform, and give tips on how authors can work with their local libraries.
Product Code: AUDIO19BYR
Price: $4.00

RWA2019 Audio: Building Better Writing Communities

Building Better Writing Communities through Empathy and Inclusion

Speaker: Adriana Herrera

Social worker Adriana Herrera will discuss how to foster better and more inclusive writing communities. Attendees will develop a better understanding of how diverse writing communities are better for all, gain an understanding of how to foster communities where diverse voices can flourish, and learn about how using empathy and understanding one’s positionality can help us be bette
Product Code: AUDIO19BBWC
Price: $6.00

RWA2019 Audio: Building Your Author Brand

Speaker(s): Laura Kaye

New York Times best-selling author Laura Kaye teaches authors how to identify their brand and shares concrete examples of successful author branding. Participants will leave the session knowing how to implement the unified approach to author branding discussed during the presentation.
Product Code: AUDIO19BYAB
Price: $4.00

RWA2019 Audio: Building Your Street Teams

Speaker(s): Penny Sansevieri

Penny Sansevieri, the founder and CEO of Author Marketing Experts, will teach authors how to turn regular readers into superfans and street teams—and the key differences between them—and how to build, structure, and manage this reader empire.
Product Code: AUDIO19BYST
Price: $4.00

RWA2019 Audio: Burnout: Unlocking the Stress Cycle

Speakers: Amelia Nagoski and Emily Nagoski

The authors of Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle will help writers avoid and cope with burnout. Writers can select from among at least a dozen evidence-based strategies for dealing with stress or burnout that they can begin today. They also will recognize the ways gendered expectations of “giving” serve as an obstacle between us and our own well-being and explain to loved ones why and how to collaborate on self-care.
Product Code: AUDIO19BURNOUT
Price: $4.00

RWA2019 Audio: Cheapskates Unite Nationals on Budget

(This is a 15-20 minute session that is a part of the 20/20 track of workshops.)

Speaker(s): Tawna Fenske

We’re all on a budget. Learn how to save money on flights to the RWA Annual Conference (or any conference or convention) using rewards programs and comparison websites like Kayak. You’ll discover how not to go broke buying conference clothing, as well as how to save on meals. As a bonus, you’ll learn how to never pay baggage fees again by using only a carry-on or t
Product Code: AUDIO192020CUH
Price: $3.00

RWA2019 Audio: Conflicting Agendas

Speaker(s): Amy Lane

Exploring character for conflicts is something writers are often told to do but have difficulty visualizing. Using a printed character agenda, which can help articulate why characters conflict and drive plot, this class looks at basic human motivation and mines it for the intrinsic conflict that’s so compelling in romantic characters.
Product Code: AUDIO19CA
Price: $4.00

RWA2019 Audio: Consent Is Sexy

Speaker(s): Zoe Archer Eva Leigh, LaQuette, Cat Sebastian

What defines consent? What does it look like? Can explicit consent exist in romance? In this workshop, authors Zoe Archer, LaQuette, and Cat Sebastian will answer those questions using a series of examples and will go through a checklist of whether or not the character interaction in a scene is consensual and if boundaries are respected.
Product Code: AUDIO19CIS
Price: $4.00

RWA2019 Audio: Crafting a Slam Dunk Hook

Speaker(s): Mary Altman, Cat Clyne

In this workshop, two Sourcebooks editors walk through the research on hooks and teach the importance of understanding genre (AKA where your book sits on the shelf), a solid series hook (and why it doesn’t pay to ignore it), and how to go from a great single book to a full series. Using case studies, they take a deep dive into genre and how to find your core audience, how authors have taken a single book idea and transformed it into a career, and h
Product Code: AUDIO19CSDH
Price: $6.00

RWA2019 Audio: Crafting Series That Sell

Speaker(s): Jennifer Blackwood, Nina Crespo, Jenny Holiday, A.J. Pine

What happens when a reader picks up the second book in your trilogy without realizing they missed book one? Jennifer Blackwood, Nina Crespo, Jenny Holliday, and A. J. Pine will illustrate how to make each book work as a standalone while also planting little treasures throughout the books for series loyalists. Whether you are writing three books or seven, high concept is key. Learn how to grab the attention of agen
Product Code: AUDIO19CSTS
Price: $4.00